USFCS VirtualBox Image

Setting up VirtualBox

  1. Download and install VirtualBox using link above.
  2. Download or copy the USF CS VirtualBox image using the link above.
  3. Import image into VirtualBox using "File -> Import Appliance..."
    1. Set RAM to 512 MB
    2. Reinitialize all Mac Addresses (small checkbox at bottom of import Window).
    3. Import
  4. Create User in VirtualBox Image
    1. Start your new USF CS Lab image.
    2. Login as user "root" with password "usfcs"
    3. Click on "root" in upper right hand corner and select "System Settings"
    4. Select "User" near bottom.
    5. Use "+" to add a new user.
    6. Use your USF CS / Dons user name.
    7. Create.
    8. Click on "Account Disabled" to set your password.
    9. Log out, then log in as your new user.